Understand docker run command in 1 minute

This blog post is part of the 1-minute read. If you are the beginner of the docker and just started installing the docker on Linux or Mac. You...

Dockerize Simple Python Flask App

Introduction : In this blog, we will concentrate on writing Dockerfile to dockerize the simple hello world python flask app. Prerequisite:

Using Rsyslog to ship the logs over TCP on CentOS

Rsyslog is the one open source tool for log processing. It offers high performance and security. Rsyslog consists following features, Multi-threadingTCP, SSL, TLS, RELPMySQL, PostgreSQL,...
Linux shell

How to check the Kubernetes events in the namespace?

This is a 1m blog series from Kuberneteslab. If you are working with the Kubernetes cluster then you will face issues for sure. Like for example, kubelet killed the...

High Availability Framework to adopt for Failure and Disaster Recovery

It is an expert opinion about Business Continuity Planning for IT applications concerning HA (High Availability Framework). This post is sponsored by Kuberneteslab. Kuberneteslab helps startups to manage the horizontal...

How to get resources from Kubernetes Cluster using Kubectl ?

This is 1m read blog from Kuberneteslab. In this article we will look into some commands to get resources from Kubernetes cluster using Kubectl. To get...
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Getting started with Amazon S3

What is Amazon S3? Amazon S3 is simple storage service provided by Amazon Web Services. It’s scalable, highly...