Cloud native security tools you should know


Containers are new deployment units for production environments. The adoption of containers is rapidly growing into enterprises. Container security is one of the common concerns. As we heard recent security threats that are emerging it’s always best practice to put prevention methods for a production environment. Here are a few tools that will ensure container security.

Docker Native Tools

Docker provides the few security tools which we can use in the production environment to ensure security.

Docker Bench for Security [Open Source]: Docker bench for security is the script that checks the common best practices for Docker in the production environment. You can get more information about the tool here.

Docker Notary [Open Source]: Notary is used to ensuring a trusted connection established between the Client and Server. You can get more information about the tool here.

CoreOS Clair

CoreOS Clair is the open-source static analysis/vulnerabilities management tool for application containers. Currently, it supports Docker and Appc.

CoreOS Clair is helpful to determine insecure container images and check vulnerabilities in it. You can find more information about the CoreOS Clair here.


Anchore provides Open Source and Enterprise security solutions for the containerized environment. It performs analysis and policy evaluation of the containerized environment in the public cloud / on-premise. You can find more information about Anchore here.

Aqua Container Security Platform

Aqua Container Security Platform is an automated security platform for containerized applications. It provides runtime protection, auditing, and compliance. You can find more information about Aqua Container Security Platform here.


Twistlock is the end to end solution for the security of containerized environments. It comes up with the Enterprise Edition and Developer Edition. It includes Runtime Defence, Vulnerability Management, CI Integration, Compliance, Access Control, and Security Analytics. You can find more information about Twistlock here.

With these tools, Enterprise can ensure the security of containerized applications to a certain extent. Security also depends on different layers of the application. Like application security, host security, storage security and much more. We will also talk about that in further posts.

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