Getting started with Amazon S3

amazon s3
amazon s3

What is Amazon S3?

Amazon S3 is simple storage service provided by Amazon Web Services. It’s scalable, highly reliable, faster and inexpensive data storage. Everything in S3 is treated with Object. For any storage, security is one of the highest priority. Amazon S3 gives IAM policy, ACL Policy and Bucket Policy for security.
Also for security, you can encrypt upload and download objects with SSL.
You can get more information here
In this blog, we will create bucket, upload object in the bucket and delete the bucket.

Step 1 | Log in to your Amazon Web Sevices console.

Go to S3 console.

Step 2 | Click on create bucket.

It will ask for Bucket Name and Region.
Bucket name should be unique.
You should choose bucket region which is depend on cost and latency.
Click on create.

Step 3 | Upload object on bucket.

Everything on s3 is treated as the object. You can upload the object. By default the object is private.
If you want to access it publicly you need to change permission for the object to Everyone read.
Click on upload.
Upload through file manager.

Step 4 | Delete Bucket.

You can delete the bucket by entering same bucket name that you want to delete.

Click on delete. You Amazon S3 bucket will get deleted.

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