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    How to check the Kubernetes events in the namespace?

    This is a 1m blog series from Kuberneteslab. If you are working with the Kubernetes cluster then you will face issues for sure. Like for example, kubelet killed the pod, etc. You will try to debug and reach a conclusion.

    Kubernetes come up with kubectl tool. Getting the events from the Kubernetes is one of the initial approaches developers or ops engineers could follow. You can get all possible events from the Kubernetes.

    I will not go into much detail of the kubectl and if you dont have one please install it from here.

    To check the kubernetes event is specific namespace please use following command:

    $ kubectl get events -n kuberneteslab

    If there are a lot of events then you can just grep output for failed events like following:

    $ kubectl get events -n kuberneteslab | grep "Failed.*"

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